Clamping on Private Land Now Banned

Hi All,

Today is a good day for motorists. Clamping on private land has now officially been banned in England and Wales. This means all the rogue parking operators who caused distress to people unfairly can now NOT place a clamp on your car.

The exceptions to this rule are car parks and land belonging to government and council organisations. But no longer can you legally be clamped on private land. If you do get clamped, the operator has committed a criminal offence. So instead of attempting to remove the clamp yourself, keep calm and call the police. They will then come and either remove the clamp, or order it to be removed.

The downside to the new rules is that land owners can now issue their parking invoices to vehicle OWNERS, not just drivers. However, you can (and should) still fight these invoices, if they were issued unfairly.

– Jay

Fight Parking Fines – An Introduction

Hi All,

Thanks for checking out the Fight Parking Fines website. My name is Jay and I have created this site to help people who get stung by unfair parking charges fight back. If you’ve found your way here, you’ve probably been hit with a fine of some sort, and are looking to fight it. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

live in Manchester, England, UK, a place renowned for unfair parking charges. We get them from all sides; both officially from the Council, and unoficially from ‘cowboy’ private parking firms. Ripping people off is big business in this part of the world.

I have been hit with many fines over the years; some legal, some definitely not. I used to just get angry and pay up to avoid the hassle of something I knew nothing about, but one day (after the 4th or 5th consecutive ‘fine’ from a cowboy private company) I decided that enough was enough, and I decided to start doing my homework and fight back. I can tell you that this isn’t nearly as scary as it may first sound.

I’ve done all sorts of research on clamping, tickets and fines, and I’ve learned a great deal. I’d like to share my knowledge with you, so keep checking this site for updates on the ever-changing UK parking laws, the various fines available and how you can fight them.